mugneret-gibourg 2001 vosne-romanée

2001 Georges Mugneret-Gibourg, Vosne-Romanée
Medium, medium-plus colour. A nose of soft, sweet fruit and flowers – a hint of herbs too. Acidity, then the fresh flavour wells up into the mid-palate than very slowly fades into the finish – very nice flavour too. There’s still a reasonable slug of tannic texture too, but this wine is schlank. Thin, wiry, perfectly sculptured – but not an ounce of padding. In its youth, this wine was wonderfully generous, rich and textured – over-achieving villages – today it is very different, like Madonna age 20 and 50, very, very different in shape and style. I loved it, but my wife said ‘tastes like vinegar’ – harsh, but beware…
Rebuy – Yes

3 responses to “mugneret-gibourg 2001 vosne-romanée”

  1. bmcq

    schlank Madonna? ;D

  2. Joachim

    I go with your wife. Had this wine last year and was disappointed. To me, it was structure and acidity, not much more.

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