Why Big Red Diary?


Once more I find a reason not to write much in my diary. There was a little Zweigelt last night though…

5 responses to “lech…”

  1. bmcq

    Looks like another great snow year in Yurp. Allez vous hors-piste?

  2. bmcq

    Try some DPS Lotus 120s in a 178 cm.
    Pardon my digressions.

  3. bmcq

    It’s a really lovely, supple ski that’s soft but with a good rebound. They’re made from carbon fiber and wood instead of fiberglass and wood, so they’re extremely reslient and the lightest skis made (per area). In addition, they’re “rockered” meaning the tip starts curving up roughly 20 cm further back than a normal ski, so on pack, the effective contact area is less. They have no camber and just a bit of sidecut. You can demo them in Engleberg from a shop that’s in the Bellevue Terminus hotel, right across from the train station.

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