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jean-marc bouley 2010 volnay


There’s a vieilles-vignes cuvée from this producer, and then we have this one.

2010 Jean-Marc, Volnay
We have a deep shade of cherry-red here, which despite its colour, remains rather transparent. The nose – for a non-vv – is more profound and open than I anticipate, just a hint of musk surrounds the darker-red fruit – clean and very pretty this, and no obvious excess of CO2. Modest tannin lurks if you want to search for it, otherwise it seems rather silky. Again, reflecting the nose, there is a fine and impressive depth of dark-red fruit flavour – it is clean and bright but not too glossy. A really and excellent choice this if you are looking for a basic villages. Highly recommended.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Conscience

    The 2010 bourgogne is also highly recommended and should not be missed. For around $20 it’s one of the est values to e found.

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