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2005 ghislaine barthod bourgone rouge


2005 Barthod, Bourgogne Rouge
Deeply coloured – and still young colour too. The nose shows a depth of very dark red fruit with a hint of musk – open, primary and rather attractive. Take a sip and you are met with much more power than any regional wine should offer; young fruit, almost liqueur in style, fine acidity and clearly plenty of submerged tannin. Chambolle in 2005 was for me a village where the basic communal wines were easily of 1er cru (also communal!) status – it seems their bourgognes also leaped a level. Painfully young, but totally exceptional for what it is…
Rebuy – Yes

2 responses to “2005 ghislaine barthod bourgone rouge”

  1. Claude Kolm

    I still remember my first taste of this wine out of cask. I burst out laughing and said to Ghislaine, “Who would believe a Bourgogne that tastes like a premier cru?”

  2. Nick Martin

    Pretty much my experience with her Bourgogne Rouge 2003. Served blind a few weeks ago, at a London dinner of her wines (1988-2003) no one in the room got the vintage, and everyone called it out as a 1er cru. The ’03 is otherworldly for the appellation though…

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