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pierre damoy 2002 chapelle-chambertin

Well, it’s almost Christmas, so why not another one! Overall, I have a preference for the 1996 today…

2002 Pierre Damoy, Chapelle-Chambertin
Medium-plus colour. The nose starts with a blast of reduction, but it doesn’t stick around for very long. What remains is a heavy whole cluster aroma that twists and turns with almonds and warm Bakewell tart. In the mouth this has a strong core of flavour but perhaps the outlying flavours are a little more diffuse – still the acidity and concentration are rather good. The tannin is completely understated but searching for it seems to pronounce the whole cluster flavours. A wine that wears its fermentation on its sleeve – but it is rather good!
Rebuy – Yes

2 responses to “pierre damoy 2002 chapelle-chambertin”

  1. Tom Blach

    ‘A wine that wears its fermentation on its sleeve’-now that’s just the phrase I was looking for for an H. Lignier Morey 1er 2000 a couple of days ago. Delicious wine, and you could feel the influence of its undoubtedly modern elevage slipping away.

  2. Henrik

    I picked up a few bottles of his 2001 Clos de Beze the other day, and was thinking of trying one out in the next couple of weeks. Ever had one, and if so would you think it’s in a nice spot now?

    Thank you for a fantastic site!

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