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michel lafarge 1986 volnay clos des chênes


After the Damoy ’96, why not go back another 10 years!

1986 Michel Lafarge, Volnay 1er Clos des Chênes
The cork slides far too easily out, but in one piece and it doesn’t smell too oxidised. Just a hint more than medium colour. Like the Damoy of last night, there is a faint twist of beefy brett, but on a way lower level – the precise red berry fruit literally sweeps it aside – overall an interesting nose but not one that keeps drawing your nose to the glass. In the mouth this has just a little cushioning to the velvet-soft texture, and an acidity that is balancing but slightly too emphasised in the mid-palate. The fruit still has sweetness and interest – this is indeed a nice 1er Cru from a very variable vintage and reflecting that, its performance is a little variable too – but there’s no taking away how well it drinks! The last third wasn’t so nice on day two – so don’t delay, drink today!
Rebuy – No Chance

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  1. Philip

    Is this a trace of emotion here? (TFWOB pg 245).
    Right age for this wine!

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