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bottle angst…


EDIT: Published today (24th) – perhaps it’s the Carla effect 😉

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  1. Gary Paluba

    It seems we live in an era, or at least for the past 30 years since the Parkerization of the “famed” 1982 Bordeaux, where there is an intense push to get the best and turning wine into a commodity, with values based on scores and fame victim to this process. When I first began drinking wine in the ’70’s I could splurge on a first growth Bordeaux on occasion, but as the article aptly observes that has become the terrain of the wealthy. So, the Burgundy world where to this point the obvious candidates that have been the high-flyers may be joined by the rest, with those candidates becoming the rare wines served or given as presents by the billionaires of the world, an unfortunately growing group (while the poorer of the world grow much more rapidly!). Maybe this won’t happen, and I can still buy C.Giroud, A. Gros, etc.. But I fear it will.

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