Why Big Red Diary?

roty’s mocha-cola a-go-go…

I finally got out from storage a few vintages of this wine, and what better than to start with the 09 before moving onto older ones(?) What a mistake! I’ve been following the development of this wine over the last two nights – the main reason being that I couldn’t drink a whole glass on the first night!

2009 Joseph Roty, Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée La Brunelle
Medium, medium-plus colour. What can I say about the nose? Coffee/mocha, cola, a hint of spritz – I’m not sure that I dare put it in my mouth. I did – mistake! Round, a little fat, no definition, more mocha and cola flavours – where’s the acidity? – omg! Glass not finished. Day two (in the fridge overnight): less perverse in all dimensions – I actually managed a second glass – but no more…
Rebuy – No

A wine that’s not for touching, only for forgetting in the cellar for a while – one day (maybe) it may taste like Burgundy, perhaps even Gevrey!
Can’t wait to pop a 2008……….

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