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harvest: rain today…

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  1. Roelof Ligtmans

    A little rain in Mercurey yesterday, but no more than a bit of drizzle. Dried up in the afternoon. Everybody is racing to get the bulk of the harvest finished today ahead of next week’s bad weather. Quantity correct (red) to low (white), quality mind-blowing. Terrific grapes with less than 0.5% rot, thick skins, good acidity, lots of sugar and pips that are “croquant”. Cuvées harvested earlier this week offer delicious and concentrated fruit scents, the moût is incredibly intense.

    Watch tonights (sundays) 19-20 emission on France 3 Bourgogne for some live reporting from Château de Meursault on the 2012 harvest; François Raquillet, presidents of the Mercurey growers, will update you on the Côte Chalonnaise.

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