fwob reviewed by clive coates mw

FWOB, kindly reviewed by Clive Coates MW – to him, my thanks…

Also ‘new in’ today, another excellent piece from Vinography.

2 responses to “fwob reviewed by clive coates mw”

  1. Claes Nordli Olsson

    Ah, the good ol’ “he should have included domaine X, Y and Z”. I don’t get how so many people fail to understand the reasoning behind your selections.


  2. Jon wyand

    Reviewers are often those with their own knowledge of a subject and they will give away their insecurity if an author they are reviewing takes a different position to their own. Bill’s book “breaks the rules” by preferring to celebrate previously undiscovered talent rather than tread the well worn paths. They fail to realise people buy books for new information not to have the usual names revisited.
    This book is really good at breaking new ground, and the old hands are revealed at not doing their job.
    Even Jasper does not include everyone. That is the joy of Burgundy, there is still so much to explore.

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