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2012 veraison!

As far as I know, the first sighting of veraison in the Côte d’Or is this picture – taken today – by Thomas Bouley from Volnay. Thomas also has a picture of the same, taken today, in Beaune 1er Les Reversées.

A cluster of grapes from the Volnay 1er cru of Les Carelles – so we can also see that there are still some grapes that have the chance to make it to harvest 😉 You can see, how irregular the bunches are; mainly a function of the rain and cold at flowering time.

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  1. Roelof Ligtmans

    Looks more like a bunch of damaged grapes to me. In the Côte Chalonaise, as of today (sunday 29th july) no signs of véraison yet. Another week to 10 days to go, I guess.

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