Why Big Red Diary?

home sweet home…

You know, the place where all the bushes are twice the size they were two weeks ago and where the grass definitely now needs clipping!

First: catching up on the news of the last two weeks – frankly it’s a meagre bag – assuming you (like me) have little interest in the endless stories about wine investment and the ‘new taste’ for Burgundy in Asia, though (with a wink) didn’t you know that the smart money is already moving into Italian wines… 😉

Second: After five hours hacking away in the garden, a wine to curl up with…


1992 Jaffelin, Pommard
Medium, aged colour. The nose is different every time you sniff; forest floor, a little green, perfect red fruit then a little almond – I’m loving it. Good acidity, just a hint tart but with a sweetness behind that covers the cracks. Good intensity, high-toned fruit with a very faint creamy, perhaps coconut edge. A wine with rippling personality – I wish I had more!
Rebuy – Yes

Third: There were, of-course, other wines in the last two weeks – honourable mentions go to a 2008 Chablis Valmur from JC Bessin and a 2002 ‘own label’ villages NSG from BB&R – made for them by Nicolas Potel.

Fourth: What were they thinking? 😉

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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