domaine maume – alive and well, despite other reports…

bertrand-maune-and-pascal-marchandWhen I previously reported on the ‘death of Domaine Maume‘, it was based on two news reports and a subsequent conversation I had with Pascal Marchand in Zürich. The reports had never mentioned Bertrand Maume, and actually he was never a subject of my chat with Pascal either – probably driven by me as I assumed Bertrand was now out of the picture – mea-culpa!

I did eventually correct myself once the current situation was confirmed to me by ‘Marchand-Tawse’ – i.e. that Bertrand remains at the domaine and that Pascal is merely delivering the benefit of his long careers in consulting and wine-making – but that correction was rather buried in the comments section of the original post. So what better way to make a correction, than to ask for a nice image of the duo together, and to publish it – so here you go – the image came to me on Monday.

Best wishes to everyone at (still!) Domaine Maume. I can’t wait to taste their first biodynamic (approach not certification) vintage (2012), assuming the mildew allows a few bunches to reach the triage table!

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  1. Tom Blach

    I’m struggling and failing to think of things wrong with the wines as they used to be.

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