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summer in beaune – part last…

A Beaune promenade before lunch on Sunday. Whatever it looks like, there was a chilly north wind…

2 responses to “summer in beaune – part last…”

  1. Claude Kolm

    Wish we could have summer here in San Francisco. Fog and wind, instead, recalling the most famous thing Mark Twain (never) said:
    The coldest winter he’d ever spent was one summer in San Francisco.

  2. Mark in Pernand


    If its any consolation to you it’s pretty much the same in England as well – my North West part anyway. Whilst we don’t have fog otherwise its been a highly indifferent cold, wet and very changeable spring which, currently, is showing no signs of moving to suitable warmth or summer !

    Bill is such a tease isn’t he 😉 !

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