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clos des cortons faiveley 1990…

1990 Faiveley, Corton Clos des Cortons Faiveley
Medium-plus colour – not exactly a spring chicken but doesn’t look its 20 years old either. Some forest floor notes, impressive depth too, some of the notes hinting at old wood. There’s still an undercurrent of chewy tannin, and very good acidity – all the wine’s texture coming from the tannin. You have the impression the flavour will be only medium length, before a powerful reprise of old vanilla and other barrel notes erupts from the depth – becomes exceptionally long, even showing a little dark red fruit. Impressive, indeed compelling stuff, though arguably not that friendly, I might even say young – a wine for the next 30 years…
Rebuy – Yes

Plus: Benjamin Wallace’s dramatisation of the story (so far) of Rudy….

4 responses to “clos des cortons faiveley 1990…”

  1. Phil Eaves

    Bill, thanks for the recent focus on Corton, my interpretation is that this all points to the red from this hill needing much time which is a good thing for me as I have been hording it for a while. I only have a couple of missing lieu-dit which I do not think ever make it onto a label!

    Thanks for the link on Rudy, great write up, it just re affirms my position on TN’s in fact I am more convinced that TN’s are only of use for that precise moment or for bragging rights?

    cheers Phil

  2. nick21

    had this wine a month ago, you pretty much summed it up. It clearly needs another 5 years, which will test my patience!!!!
    do you have any thoughts on when (and if, I guess) the 98 and 99 versions of this wine might be ready?

  3. Philip

    Oh crikey. I bought the 2009 of this, and I’m already 58 years old….

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