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a bunch of fleurs from blair pethel


What better way to start the day than with a trio of Blair Pethel’s Beaunes? All were tasted with Blair last Wednesday (21st).

2007 Dublère, Beaune 1er Les Blanches Fleurs
I still have a few bottles of this and it has been unremittingly lovely at home. The nose offers of a wide perspective of relatively complex but perhaps a slightly diffuse interest. In the mouth this is the lovely middleweight I recall; wide, subtle and complex – just a very pretty glass of wine.
Rebuy – Yes

2008 Dublère, Beaune 1er Les Blanches Fleurs
There are aromatic similarities between this and the 2007 – wide, interesting yet perhaps just a little diffuse – the fruit just needs a little polish to bring it completely into focus. In the mouth this is a little less like the 07 – clearly there’s another level of intensity, the flavour just grows and grows. Different in character but with similar interest.
Rebuy – Yes

2009 Dublère, Beaune 1er Les Blanches Fleurs
Today there is more obvious barrel note on the nose, some herbal complexity too – I find more clarity though than for 07 and 08. Apparently not the same level of intensity delivered by the 08, but there is an understated complexity and a very impressive finish indeed.
Rebuy – Yes

Overall, Blair has faithfully translated the vintage characters into his wines; 07 is softer and very pretty, 08 riding on its acidity is the more intense, whereas 09 delivers extra depth (and perhaps concentration too) but without the intensity that an extra drop of acidity brings. A very fine trio!

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  1. Michael Warner

    I must admit reading these notes – which I find very useful in conveying the style and make me want to try Blair’s wines again – I thought they were describing a white rather than a red. But looking at a previous list it seems he only makes a red Beaune.

    I think the 2007(?) was on another table at a recent wine-pages off line and generated enough interest to form a mini-consortium.

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