duchet 1982 corton-charlemagne

1982 Duchet, Corton-Charlemagne
Deep golden hue. The nose started as an old (but correct) white does; interesting, a little diffuse but nuts an d a faint impression there may be some oxidation. In minutes it comes together, delivers more focus and adds a little caramel, some struck-match too. In the mouth, this is less sweet than the nose suggests – you even have the impression that there is a hint of tannic astringency. Quite long flavours and even a little more flavour development in the mid-palate. Certainly this is interesting and even a little rewarding but it will never be cosseting, nor ever was (probably) ‘great’.
Rebuy – No chance

2 responses to “duchet 1982 corton-charlemagne”

  1. Will

    Sounds interesting Bill. I assume you picked this up at auction?

    As someone who never has access to this type of ‘old’ wine I have always wondered: which would you rather drink (or which do you get more pleasure from), Old wine like this or a younger wine from the same appelation (say a 2007 Dubreuil-Fontaine Corton Charlemagne)?

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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