the season to be jolly…

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Love the Christmas greeting Bill, nice one 🙂

    An appropriate moment perhaps for a word or two of appreciation for your providing this site with all the doubtless significant work & commitment that must go into it. Thank you very much from me !

    Very best wishes for Christmas to you, Mrs N, and dog (Elsa ?) and for a suitably all things Burgundian 2012.


  2. Will


    Seconding Marks comments above. Funny greeting, and many thanks for all you do on this enlightening site.

    I hopyou and yours have a merry Christmas and Super New Year!


  3. Bert

    Seconding Mark & Will

    Many many thanks for your site and all the information.
    Have a merry Christmas and all the best for 2012


  4. Ken bramlett

    Merry Christmas from Charlotte, North Carolina USA

    Looking forward to your boom and to 2012


    Ken Bramlett Jr.

  5. Ken bramlett

    Sorry, looking forward to your book………….

  6. WildBillNV

    And a Happy New Year. Hope the coming year is just as well received as the one just past.

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