Why Big Red Diary?

misty côte d’or…

When I left home on Wednesday, very early on Wednesday, the forecast promised a backdrop of sun and blue sky for the rest of the week – it seems with the same ‘hit-rate’ as we enjoyed over the harvest. Mist, mist and mist – not forgetting the faint rain – hardly that photogenic.

On Friday it seemed more interesting to walk up into the woods above Corton than the vines. On some of the pics you might get a feel for the thicket of box-trees and oak, all covered in moss, only the wild boar pass through without problem, that-said the whole of the Bois du Corton is cris-crossed with pathways. The ground has many outcrops of flat limestone – that’s because the soil is so thin – but here are the lungs and circulatory system for the whole of the hillside…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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