meaningless millions…

How can I be so proud? It’s frankly meaningless given that the site has been up and running since the end of 2002, yet having installed webstats at the end of 2009, I can’t help but feel a pang of pride as, yesterday, we pass the one-million mark. I suppose a little over half a million per year is not so bad…

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    How ? Easily, and with just every justification imaginable.

    Continue to feel lots & lots of pangs :).

    B-R has long been my ‘go to’ Burgundy website (like no other, with no competition I can think of) and I suspect is the same for many other folk. Funny thing is I can’t for the life of me recall how I first ‘found it’ (or when). Amongst many aspects of Burgundy I may not have learnt about without regularly being ‘on here’ I would not have thought about Domaine Dureuil-Fontaine for my 2009 vendange and hence met & become friemds with the wonderful Dubreuil family. For your sowing the D-F seeds Bill my particular sincere thanks. You even had me quoted in a recent Decanter (re premox) !!!

    Congratulations, well done indeed, thank you very, very much for all the material effort you must put in, and long may it continue – here’s to quickly ‘hitting’ two million and beyond !

  2. Rick Dalia

    OK, I’m jumping into the love-fest too! Meaningless? Hardly! Bill, this is one of the finest resources of information on wine, with or without tariff. It’s certainly my go-to site as well, and has probably shaped my drinking habits more than any other website, book, or magazine. I look forward to the U.S. release of your book, I’ll be one of the first to pre-order. Thanks for making Burgundy seem much more accessible to us unfortunate enough to live so far away!

  3. Ed

    Those numbers measure your service. You should be as proud of them as we million are glad you’ve been there. Take a bow.

  4. Mark Thomasseau

    Congratulations! Great website, great host!

  5. Ray Walker

    Bill, congratulations on such a milestone! You deserve it and much more!!

    Here is to the next million


  6. Don Cornwell

    A pretty great accomplishment Bill.

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