harvest – 2nd september

Team Camille Giroud 2011
The Home Team 2011.

So every year there are new cast of players at the home domaine:
– Kiwi Anna, sauvignon blanc winemaker at Oyster Bay
– Kiwi Blair, vineyard manager at Carrick
– Springbok Nathaniel, from Nederburg in Paarl
Plus, of-course, the more regular crew – naturally there is no discussion whatsoever about the up-coming rugby world-cup, only how fetching England look in their new black strip!

Today we started with pinot from Beaune 1er Les Avaux – the vines are a good age, but unfortunately they normally deliver quite a large berry size – big surprise this year when I was expecting cherries, the grapes if anything smaller than the Savigny-Peuillets and Aloxe-Valozières of yesterday; virtually nil rot, but again the annoying 1-3 unripened green berries which need to be removed – from almost every bunch – tsk! Still, I expect a good cuvée from this.

By 11:30 we were ready for our first tranche of Meursault – not quite as tough to triage as yesterday’s (which actually tastes quite okay in the settlement tank), but not fun either – it turns out that there had been hail in this vineyard and whilst there was no obvious hail damage, we had to run the table pretty slow.

Ladybird quotient is perhaps a hint lower than yesterday but there are still many.

Lovely lunch…

Of-course when doing whites you have to wait for the press to finish it’s run before you can start the next lot of triage – it was close to 4pm before we started to remove (just the same amount of) rot; very slow table and and the mercury touching on 30°C. I think in my 8th consecutive year of harvesting, that’s a temperature record. The storms and hail have been put back a day, just like every day for the last 3 – we are certainy lucky compared to Bordeaux…

Just for the record, and as an hommage to the ladybirds, yesterday we consumed:

04 Griotte
04 Latricières
04 Clos St.Denis
04 Carrick Pinot Noir (screwcapped, no ladybirds – like the Griotte – and perhaps the best!)
08 Chassagne Morgeot (red)

4 responses to “harvest – 2nd september”

  1. Tom Blach

    By coincidence I had an 06 Excelsior yesterday. It had some elegance on the nose but was rather a crude and obese wine in general, curiously full of bitterness but seemingly without tannin. Maybe it’s meant for ageing.

  2. Claude Kolm

    Excelsior that you both are referring to is Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa that sells for $8-10 here in CA?

  3. Claude Kolm

    OK, now I see that Carrick in NZ makes a Pinot Noir called Excelsior that, alas, is about $75-85 here.

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