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harvest 2011 update

grillage-volnay-santenots-du-basThe boss‘ at my home domaine was joking yesterday that (having just taken a tour through the vines of Volnay) rather than triaging when I arrive on the 29th of August, I could be doing the ‘decuvage‘ instead – i.e. after fermenting, the shovelling out of the spent grapes from the fermentation tanks for pressing…!

One or two domaines are thinking of bringing forward by a day or two their first harvests in the Côte de Beaune – say to the 20th August!

Whilst we have so-far avoided any major issues surrounding rot or drought stress, as you can see from the picture (taken yesterday) some isolated vines got an overwhelming heat stress on June 27/28th. Those small grapes not protected from the full sun by the canopy were literally grilled – locally ‘grillage’…

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  1. Will


    Thanks for the update. Are there similarities here with 2003?


  2. Mark Gough

    Good heavens ! Thanks for the interesting update Bill. Earliest vendange start I’d seen mooted before this was 25th August but I had noted from the weather reports it had been very hot again (unlike NW England !) – 31 degrees C earlier this week ?

    I’ve been waiting for an update from Cyprien Arlaud for over a week (along with a request to accomodate a new vendangeur besides moi) but heard nothing to date – leaving me to wonder thus far if he’s taken an early famille vacances. Think I’ll politely ‘chase’. Was intending my own family fortnight’s leave at the beginning of August but that might have to change as I don’t think my UK employers will be too enamoured at my having a month off in August !!

  3. Ray Walker

    Thanks for the photos Bill! That is much worse than I have seen. There are a few berries that I have seen here and there with the sumer blush but nothing like this. Looks like the winners from vineyards such as those will be those with the most hands on the table tri.

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