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a few days off…

Well, I think I deserved it; forty domaines and almost 500 wines in the Spring Edition – in 24 hours over 8,000 visitors checked in to check it out – thanks to them! The summer issue will be a bit thinner on the wines tasted – but still over 300 I think, but will have more profiles.

Not many notes around here but that’s not the same thing as keeping up-to-date 😉 We had visitors for a week, in the process managing to get through four or five bottles of Gilles Bouton’s St.Aubins, a couple of bottles (each) of 97 Bouchard Père Le Corton and 02 Jadot Vosne Petits Monts. Then there was a 08 Dubreuil-Fontaine Beaune Montrevenots and 97 Daniel Rion Nuits Vignes Rondes both of which which frankly excelled – isn’t it great when somebody with no background in wine says “is it supposed to smell of shit?” Anthony would have been proud! Then there was a selection of 02 Alsace grand crus whose names slip my memory and the empty bottles have now been consigned.

Anyway, by way of escape on Monday while everyone was reading the spring edition, we chose to go somewhere cool; Kleine Scheidegg at 2061 metres – it was only 27°C there!

Some pics…

4 responses to “a few days off…”

  1. Tom Blach

    How was the Vosne Petits Monts? I loved my last bottle about 4 years ago.

  2. Jerry Hey

    Great photos! Where is this??

  3. Mark Gough


    Think you’ll find it’s Switzerland 😉

    Coincidentally a work colleague has just returned from there and knows this area very well – she’s as passionate about the area as I am about the Cote.

    How was the D-F Beaune Montrevenots Bill ? I keep resisting temptation to open my sole bottle of 06. Whilst maybe not on the scale of your area of Switzerland ‘Montrevenots’ is a lovely piece of terroir, way above Beaune / Pommard with great view down and east but utterly peaceful & quiet – unless you are with a noisy bunch of vendangeurs !

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