henri jouan 2008 gevery aux echézeaux


I cannot take credit for this ‘find’; it was Ray Walker of Maison Ilan who gave me the tip – he’s already bought a few cases. So will I, I think, perhaps a visit too next month if possible!

2008 Henri Jouan, Gevrey-Chambertin Aux Echézeaux Vieilles Vignes
Medium colour. First there’s a hint of musky vanilla going on; as the vanilla fades to the background there a more higher-toned, almost floral aroma; finally there is a beautifully precise red berry note – who needs to drink? Clean, with a slighly cushioned texture, fine acity that enables a long line into the finish. You’ve got to search hard to find the tannin. Fresh but not overly so, this is a perfectly fresh berry for plucking right now if you so feel. Lovely, lovely wine.
Rebuy – Yes

2 responses to “henri jouan 2008 gevery aux echézeaux”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    Am intrigued. No entry in the index to Jasper’s book but does appear in Coates TWOB.

    No UK entries in winesearcher either.

    Note a Morey, address & be very interested to learn more Bill. From a piece in Google vineyard work seems the domaine’s raison d’etre with a quote the soil is turned 7/8 times a year. Wonder if Berthille Arlaud and her horses are used – Berthille & Romain A won’t tell me who B’s clients are.

    Meantime, another nice 2008 😉 . Nice one Ray.

  2. Ray Walker

    Glad to see that you enjoyed your first Jouan, Bill. I really enjoy the wines. They are the most represented (other) producer in my cave, I bought around 15 cases for 08 and 09s. Safe to say I like them a little. 😉

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