Why Big Red Diary?

vintage commentaries 1985-2009 ex drouhin

For those of you with an interest, I recieved this in the mail yesterday.

4 responses to “vintage commentaries 1985-2009 ex drouhin”

  1. Will

    No mention of pre-mox anywhere…

  2. Will

    Except for the 02s and 04s, which they are recommending the spinning of roulette wheel for another few years yet.

    Regardless of this, I think it is still a useful document!

  3. David Bennett

    Interesting advice on the 03s…

    I have 1 bottle of Burg 03 in the cellar only, from Mr. Rousseau. I wil not be buying an more on the bases of many others tasted. Each to their own taste!

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