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forget working out with weights – try burgundy books

It is becoming a golden period for books on Burgundy – or perhaps it is literary overkill – or at least semi-literate! You only have to cough and another book on Burgundy appears – I just got a copy of Remington Norman’s Grand Cru – 20-30 pages in and I’m pretty happy.

But back to the real benefit of books on Burgundy: after Jasper Morris trumped Burghounds pathetic attempt at a book by at least 200 grams (the delivered package), it looks like Jasper is also being relegated to the category of a lightweight.

Jean-François Bazin, the former president of the Burgundy Regional Council has written numerous books, but here is his first contribution to aerobics and the avoidance of muscle wastage. At over 900 pages this ‘compendium of knowledge’ has, possibly, only one barrier to improving the muscle density of multiple countries (if not the postman’s back) – it is only available in French right now!

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  1. Ray Walker

    You aren’t kiddin, Bill. These books are starting to kill my shelving. So this new book, shouldn’t harvest interns be required to carry at least 5 of these when on lunch break?

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