Why Big Red Diary?

from a vigneron this weekend – vintage 2010 so far

vines“It’s a bit early to say much about the vintage, but I get the feeling we’re heading for another mixed-bag of a year, perhaps like 2006 or 2008. The best vineyards look perfect (as they do every year – plague, pestilence and hail permitting), while the worst are beginning to look a bit sad with some rot, mildew and uneven ripening. That said, on average, I think there is currently less rot and mildew than recent ‘challenging’ vintages (04,06,07,08).
The soil was damp for much of August so perhaps 2010 is unlikely to be the last word in concentration. I haven’t heard anyone else make the comparison, but it reminds me a bit of 2006 with a hot June/July, disappointing August and then (hopefully!!) a pleasant September.
The weather is currently perfect (low 20s, breezy and sunny) and forecast to remain so until next week which looks stormy and wet. Obviously the weather we get next week and beyond could have a major influence on the style of the vintage”.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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