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harvesting a-go-go! well, almost…


Plenty of producers in the Côte de Beaune have started to harvest their first parcels today. Fewer in the Côte de Nuits have ventured out, most of those look like they have another 3 or 4 days left to sharpen their secateurs.

My timing to join the home team looks not too bad – shame that the long-term forecast means rain might great me on Friday – that said, the long-range forecast has been wrong all year! On a positive note I feel sure that lots of producers will point to the fact that they need light as much as heat to ripen their grapes – in that respect the last days and those to come look like they might help them to generate some positive ‘spin’!

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  1. Claude Kolm

    Received a cautiously optimistic report today from a producer with vines in many appellations on both Côtes. He described it as “really good but uneven” with a better view overall next week (duh!).

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