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the triumph of hope over experience (part 1)

They say that divorced couples remarrying is the triumph of hope over experience – I think I’ll have a little of that tonight as I pull out a 2004, but it will be a Fourrier 2004 and I know that he’s not so severely affected by the vintage character – so let’s see, I think it should be a Clos St.Jacques.

In a similar vein I opened another 86 Mazis half yesterday – my 4th from the case – it was the first dud. Perhaps the opposite of what I’m expecting from the Fourrier tonight! In this case the Mazis showed a lower level than most of the others. It turned out to be slightly oxidised – which in itself I could have coped with – but also corked. Two failures from only one cork!

C’est la vie…

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  1. Philip

    So what was the Fourrier Clos St Jacques like? I’ve got six bottles, but buried somewhere in a bonded store.
    I should say that I am less sensitive to the 2004 character than some. I’m quite enjoying a case of Vosne Maizieres from A.F. Gros.

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