laurent ponsot’s new ‘plastic corks’…

chezeaux-ponsot-2008-griotteSo here we have (potentially) progress in Côte de Nuits Grand Cru seals – Olivier Leflaive has already used them for a year or two in the Côte de Beaune. I retain that hint of caveat as regards ‘progress’ because there are no 20, 30, 40+ year-old bottles to deliver proof-positive. That said, what we definitely have is no corked or oxidised bottles or otherwise ‘off’ aromas that are derived from the seal, we should also have absolute consistency between bottles – at least ones from the same cellar!

Life is not plain sailing, however, use a standard style (right) corkscrew and the worm finds its way in more easily than with cork – though an extra push (or maybe that should be ‘pull’) of pressure is required to get the seal moving. With the lever corkscrew you probably won’t pierce through the base of the seal either, so you can effectively re-seal the bottle with a minimum of effort – though I found that you need the corkscrew a second time. That was the good part. The bad part is if you mainly use a ‘Screwpull’ – it pierces through the base so won’t get a ‘real’ seal if you re-seal – and that of-course presupposes that you got the seal from the worm of your screwpull – not that easy! The cork ‘spins’ a little when you try to extract too.

I didn’t try an ah-so…!

Anyway, well done Laurent Ponsot for doing everything in his power to deliver his wines in their best condition. Here’s what he thinks of his ‘Ardea’.

4 responses to “laurent ponsot’s new ‘plastic corks’…”

  1. Will

    And how was the wine?

  2. Willem

    This is promising!

  3. Jeannine

    The Ponsot plastic cork is the ARDEA SEAL AS-Elite.
    Check them online at ardeaseal.com

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