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alex gambal 2007 vin de table…


A novelty that (vintage 2006) I first tasted at the domaine a couple of years ago – here for the first time at home:

2007 Alex Gambal, Blanc de Noirs
Alex’s ‘vin de table’ in a clear Bordeaux shape bottle. The high-toned slightly savoury nose would make me think of aligoté, but there is also something of a Meursault’s ripe fruit! What sets this apart is its rather silkily-plush texture and it’s quite enough to offset what otherwise might be slightly mouth-puckering acidity – but like I said, this is actually well balanced. There’s a little acid-driven burst of intensity in the mid-palate before the flavour slowly decays in the finish. Lovely for enjoying on a warm evening outside after work – I’m sure it could have other uses too!
Rebuy – Yes

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