Why Big Red Diary?

a new seal…


Something new has been delivered – and that’s a Grand Cru – more info to follow…

5 responses to “a new seal…”

  1. Philip

    err, what happened to the “more info…”
    Looks very like what I found when as I prepared to open Oliver Leflaive’s Auxey-Duresses 2008…

    1. billn

      More info did follow in several postings Philip.
      Yes it’s an Ardea, first used in Burgundy by Olivier Leflaive in 07 I think. It might be the ideal seal, but it’s a nightmare to extract then doesn’t come off the worm of my corkscrew!

  2. Claude Kolm

    Bill — I’ve had no problem getting the Ardea off the corkscrew. Are you using a non-teflon corkscrew?

  3. Claude Kolm

    I use an uncoated steel opener for all non-cork seals and have no problem.

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