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a couple from the weekend…

Ignoring a rather splendid bottle of 1995 Koonunga Hill, I mainly sat out the 32°C heat with a couple of 2006 Bourgogne Blancs this weekend.

There are already plenty of notes for them in this site’s NoteFinder so I won’t add anything formal – both drank well – but if I’m honest I slightly preferred the Alex Gambal to the Pierre Morey. The Gambal had just a little more impact – perhaps in the manner of Chassagne which I often prefer to Meursault – only thinking out loud, I didn’t look to see if I’d noted the origin of eithers grapes. Anyway both were very good for the label, but I’m happy that I bought more of the Gambal – still, supplies are on the wane – perhaps I’ll have to pick-up a case of the 2008 at the end of the month when next in town!

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  1. Blair Pethel

    Hi Bill, Come see me when you’re here next. I’ve got a surprising 2008 Bourgogne Blanc to show you.

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