rain and romanée-conti security…

It’s an away-day in the Côtes today – actually this is day 1 of 2…

A 5:15 alarm this morning as my first appointment was 8:45. Leaden skies the whole way from Switzerland, the rain varied all the way but never enough to take the window wipers off ‘intermittent’.

So my day was a tasting followed by an appoinment that was deferred as it fell into farce, a nice lunch with ‘very fine’ people. Then there was a break in the weather – still grey, but no rain, so two hours wandering in the vines before a coffee and cake then two more appointments; 17:30 and 19:15. With a (hire) car full of wine (how did that happen?) I ended-up back in Beaune – and it was ‘only’ 21:00 – but I had one more appointment; to pick up a couple more bottles while sitting with some aquaintences and perhaps holding a glass myself. Hmm, an 8:45 start again tomorrow – people have no idea how tough this is 😉

I noted on the radio a story abouth somebody blackmailing the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti; “send me €1 million or I’ll poison the vines in RC” Or that’s what I thought as I drifted through the story, not initially listening – because of-course it was in French 😉 Two people gave me some input to the story;

  1. Apparently this wasn’t some highly sophisticated Oceans Eleven, or Russian Mafia plot. A box of money was delivered and the police waited behind a bush and caught them!
  2. Vine sabotage is as old as history if somebody has a very surly neighbour. Of-course it is easier these days with a squirt of herbicide, but in older times ‘heavy-duty’ pruning – i.e. to the ground – usually brought people into line…

Anyway I didn’t see security at each corner of said fabled vineyard when I drove through in the late afternoon – perhaps it was too wet for them!

[pictures at the weekend…]

2 responses to “rain and romanée-conti security…”

  1. WildBillNV

    So the police applied the Roundup. Will the judge see fit to give the perps Sevin years? OK, I’ll behave

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