It’s time for a break.

Amongst other places, a few days on the Costa del Yorkshire awaits – I expect only tumbleweed around here for the next couple of weeks!

2 responses to “jollies…”

  1. pifcho

    Enjoy those margaritas! Looks great.

  2. wildbillnv

    Gee, it must be nice. We’ve had daily highs near are infamous triple digit norm. Had a long week-end reviewing Bill James’ research on Ballpark Biases and pitching rotation construction. Jesse and Faye discusing the latest remake of Somerset Maugham’s ‘The Razors Edge’ retitled as ‘Seven years in Tibet’

    A close friend’s near fatal accident in South America. Friends of Jesse and Faye calling to be reassured about the ‘cute’ bad boy from ‘Poker After Dark.’ It was all covered by an excellent bottle of NV Marguet Reserve and smoked salmon. Super Fine. The relaxed mood was interupted by the Irish ruffin neighbor trying to get us to go play ‘Marco Polo’ at the pool.

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