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fooey fuées!

Lots of Chambolle 1er Les Fuées with Jacky Rigaux last night – while the site was looking a bit odd after the server change – if odd for half a day is all I have to put up with, that’s fine!

Back to the Fuées; when I say lots, it was ‘only’ ten wines. If I add a few more it could be the basis of (okay, I’ll say it before you do – the ‘padding’ for) a vineyard profile – hmm – perhaps in the Autumn Burgundy Report, Summer is already booked 😉 Of note, there were 2 wines from the 2004 vintage and let me just say, you didn’t need sight of the label to guess the vintage!

4 responses to “fooey fuées!”

  1. bmcq

    Mugnier’s Fuees had always been a favorite of mine: floral with spine. I’m coveting my last few 96s…

  2. Paul Miserez

    Mugnier’s Fuées 04 rocks!!

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