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burgundy forum

Burgundy Forum is here.

I made a forum – I have to say, it was surprisingly painless to install.

What won’t be painless, and will most likely take at least a week of part-time fiddling, will be my attempts to make it look like it fits to the site, rather than some techie add-on.

Have fun, and note that there’s only one rule – be civil!

Domaine names?

I am warned from overseas today:

Following are all the domain names and internet Keyword which are submitted by Matua company:
1. Domain names:
2. Internet Keyword:

However, I can block them if I wish (it’s a small time window of-course) by buying them all myself…..

5 responses to “burgundy forum”

  1. bmcq

    At some point along the merry way, I’ll posit that you’ll feel the need to do some content maintenance. May I suggest that you configure the forum so that you can delegate to some selected souls the ability to help do this maintenance?

    Here’s to the launch of the good ship BurgundyChat. I look forward to others discussion the merits of the finest bourgognes and less dear villages. I’ll start by extolling the perfumed virtues of the 2006 Prieur Bourgogne.

  2. Ray Walker

    Good job on putting it together so quickly. I imagine word will spread quickly!

  3. Josh Najjar

    It would be nice to have a website to talk about Burgs.
    No need to filter through the other 90% that we don’t care about.

    Yes, good job for filling a need.



  4. Laura

    I am looking for a private driver in Beaune – Monday, November 29th through Friday, December 3rd. My party would need a van, there are 6 people total. They have appointments at various wineries – all appointments have already been set. They need a driver from 9AM – 6PM daily to be picked up and dropped of at City Center Beaune. If you can direct me to someone it would be greatly appreciated.


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