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2005 albert bichot nuits st.georges


So what to do while watching all the visitors (5,450 during the day though only 3,600 unique…) pile into the Spring report. Something modest, but very tasty methinks…

2005 Albert Bichot, Nuits St.Georges
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour – it still looks a baby. The nose is a little tight but still manages to round-out the dark red fruits with herbs, faint spices and a suggestion of cream. Quite silky until the tannins give a little more bite in the mid-palate. A little fat remains, padding out the sugary dark red fruit on the palate. Excellent acidity and there’s an additional dimension of dark oak-led flavour in the mid-palate. Still drinking rather well, and if anything the bottle empties too soon. I could criticise and call it facile and ‘easy’ as it’s much too elegant for a Nuits(!) but there’s an underlying ‘oomph’ (perhaps ‘the typical depth of 2005’ would make me sound more like a pro!) that means I may have to buy a few more…
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Ed

    I had found this house dire in the past, now they seem exceptional for the price. I’m drinking buckets of their simple 07 Chablis, it is just wonderful stuff for the money. The simple Fevre Chablis doesn’t even come close in terms of quality/price.

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