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1997 de vogüé musigny vieilles vignes – yuk!


1997 Comte Georges de Vogüé, Musigny Vieilles Vignes
Do you ever find yourself trying to find an excuse to drink a corked wine? Initial cost of purchase may have had something to do with it. I have to say that for about 3 or 4 minutes I’d convinced myself that if I swirled the glass I could hardly smell it, and the taste wasn’t so bad, indeed it was very long for a corked bottle. I passed the glass to my wife who muttered something about me trying to poison her and she needed a beer to take the taste away – I was back, grounded. Very corked and very yuk.
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5 responses to “1997 de vogüé musigny vieilles vignes – yuk!”

  1. Richard

    I would agree; cost of bottle and probably expectations of what was about to be consumed played a role. I have come across similar situations. I’ve looked for a reason to justify drinking a corked bottle. In the end, as you said, yuk! It is a sad shame though.

    1. Craig

      A trick I have used with a modicum of success, decant the wine into a open vessel, put in a sheet (12″ x 18″) of food saver plastic wrap (Suran wrap) slosh liberally for a few minutes and pour back into a different container. This has worked… then again nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be sure the wine is indeed “corked”…

  2. Andrew


    I’ve been in denial for 24 hours over a corked Rousseau Chambertin. Left it in the fridge hoping it would miraculously recover. Perhaps Amorim will by us replacements?

    cheers – Andrew

  3. Andrew


    One of two 1995s bought in 97 before Rousseau GCs and PCs became purchases for the very rich alone. One left now for 2015 – maybe the class action against cork suppliers will have got us our money back by then – before Portugal goes bust. Seen any affordable, in the context of Burgundy that is, grand crus with screw caps, vinlock or diam? Less of a risk than tree bark.



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