Why Big Red Diary?

this week’s reading…

Just a few things that have passed over my desk in the last week:

  • Tim Atkin has more free time. I really don’t know if it due to the growth of wine-writing on the internet, or whether it is the more simplistic (general) loss of revenue suffered by traditional news media at the hands of the internet, either way, one of our best wine communicators has found himself with more leisure time. I read that he regularly received 500 emails a week from the paper’s readers – I wonder how many of the paper’s remaining journalists are so ‘interactive’ with their audience(?)
  • The cork industry is preparing a €20m advertising campaign using cork’s ‘scientific background’ to convince the public of its benefits.” It seems that they have (already) largely lost the battle for the ‘pop and pour’ market, only great performance will (eventually) save them in the high-quality area. I am the first to admit that DIAMs are great and that quality bottles seem to have a much lower incidence of TCA in the last vintages – but my 99 Pavelot Dominode was corked yesterday!
  • Romanée-Conti 2007. It must be that time of year, the first notes for the 2007s are beginning to creep out. Looks like I didn’t get my invite this year after declining last year – though I did only decline due to a heavy cold – I assumed it would have be frowned upon to cough and sniff over Aubert 😉
  • Eric LeVine’s CellarTracker. I can’t believe Jancis didn’t mention that I was partnered up with CellarTracker long before Burghound and Vinfolio 😉 Anyway this is a nice portrait of a genuine and enthusiastic guy…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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