d’ardhuy 2005 vosne-romanée 1er les chaumes (+ being boring!)

I realised that I have become rather predictable after tidying in the cellar this weekend – I started to dig out bottles that needed revisiting, only to realise that almost every second bottle came from Vosne-Romanée. I had a similar feeling last year when most came from Gevrey…

I suppose that I have at least made a token move south in the Côte d’Or, but maybe I need to to make a late new year resolution – only to buy wines from south of Vosne for the rest of 2010! I certainly don’t have enough Nuits, Ladoix, Aloxe, Pernand, Beaune………

2005 d’Ardhuy, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Chaumes
Deeply coloured. The nose has dark, brambly fruit and plenty of spicy, herbal aspects. In the mouth the acidity has become a little forward though far from overwhelming. A lovely borderline ripe flavour that has a hint of mint to go with its piercingly long finish – there’s added depth through the mid-palate. Rather smooth, this is very good now – even if it’s on its ‘sleeptime downslope’. Very-much enjoyed.
Rebuy – Yes

6 responses to “d’ardhuy 2005 vosne-romanée 1er les chaumes (+ being boring!)”

  1. Ed

    Definitely buy more Pernand. I had a bottle of Champy’s 06 blanc PV the other day. Just a steal.

    I know it would be a terrific generalizaton, but when do you suspect “sleeptime” upslopes for a 1er from 05?

  2. Mark in Pernand

    LOL !!!

    Ed, you beat me to it ! I was reading the article thinking ‘Bill, more Pernand, Savigny & Aloxe’ and you were already there re Pernand (my 2009 vendage paradise – quick dream here of Sous Fretille terroir).

    Aloxe – am curently drinking a gorgeous Tollot-Beaut Aloxe 1er cru Les Vercots 1997 – totally black fruited number this one. Almost a Gevrey from the Cote de Beaune.

    Bill, Dubreuil-Fontaine Volnay ? A true QPR bargain ?

    Mark G

  3. David Bennett

    Just 2 words for Pernand

    “Sous Fretille”


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