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a lazy toad…

A couple of thousand people on this site’s mailing-list got this today. Only one of the replies called me a lazy toad! 😉

Dear Friends,

A quick email to say that there will be no ‘Autumn Burgundy Report’ for you this week – no I haven’t given up – not yet anyway!

One missed appointment and one cancelled trip, maybe due to flu, has left me with something that I would be embarassed to call a report.

However, early next week I should meet with Aubert, Maurice and Philippe and they will make the difference, and I suppose that it’s still Autumn if the report is published before the 21st of December!

In the meantime, as many have already asked me, please find below a link to my annual ‘Vintage Viewpoint’. Just a little something to keep you going another two weeks…

A Vintage Viewpoint

Thanks & cheers

One response to “a lazy toad…”

  1. Phil Eaves

    Something to read at Christmas then.

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