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2006 faiveley nuits st.georges 1er cru pôrets st.georges

2006 Faiveley, Nuits St.Georges 1er cru Pôrets St.Georges
I’d love to be able to recommend this wine (after all I bought some!) but today is not the day to tell you if it is, or will be, any good. Today it is a complete waste of money – aromatically dumb, narrow on the palate and showing a very limited flavour profile. It is a wine that is a perfect exemplar of the the oft-used descriptor – closed. This is so closed that it’s even rolled down the shutters. For those that are still reading, the texture is silky and the balance is fine, there is even a hint of intensity, but today MIA…
Day two and there’s hint of dark cherry and damson on the nose – wow – careful, I’m almost starting to enjoy it!
Rebuy – Maybe

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  1. Tom Blach

    How interesting-under the old regime the wines generally took a lot longer to shut down than this.

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