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in the côtes…


I’m just back from burgundy, and I have to say, with a stinking cold – no wines for me in the next days. Also not so picturesque while I was there – too much mist. Still I have a few things in my notebook to fill in the gap 😉

PS – anybody ever heard of these? :


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  1. Phil Eaves


    never seen them myself but the Chevret is listed as owned by Rene Regnault de Beaucaron (1.8807 ha) . Angles as being owned by Boillereault (1.7030ha) and the Montrachet (0.7998ha) as Heritiers de M. Lazare Boillerault de Chauvigny.

    As they show Paris on the label perhaps absentee owners ? Not much use but of interest.


  2. Gregory Sewell


    If you have not yet come across it, Matt Kramer in Making Sense of Burgundy has a paragraph about the ownership of this Domaine in his chapter on Montrachet. According to him the wine was sold to various negocients with Maison Louis Latour acting as courtier. Not recent but still informative.


  3. Phil Eaves


    a bit more , there are several references to this being owned or managed by a part of the Rossignol family in Volnay but no specific name.

    cheers Phil

  4. Phil Eaves


    quick update, whilst wandering aimless as a cloud in Volnay last week I happened upon 1 Rue d’amour with a nice new expensive plaque anouncing this Domaine. I tried to gain access but was informed they were not receiving visitors.
    Oh well you can but try.


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