1995 dujac morey st.denis


Ignoring for a second 2004, 1995 is the red vintage from recent memory that disappoints me the most – this wine is something of a poster-child for the vintage – it’s just not as good now as it was 5 years ago. The slightly hard personality is becoming more and more reminiscent of the 1994 vintage. Plenty of time left for an improvement I suppose…

1995 Dujac, Morey St.Denis
Medium ruby-red colour with a faint browning at the rim. The nose is sweet and rather stemmy, there’s a faint beefy note that has me flirting with the notion of brett, and some mixed herbs. In the mouth the wine starts narrow, slowly opening over tongue. The acidity is a little sharp and metallic in flavour, it makes you forget to look for tannin, which whilst understated, is still a little blocky. Reasonable length and some sweetness, but today, no love.
Rebuy – No

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  1. Tom Blach

    You’re just impatient, Bill!

  2. bmcq

    That’s funny since I think of 95 as an overlooked vintage of value. Recently I had a 95 Roumier Chambolle that was hard and closed at opening, but then developed into a really nice, complex wine. I remember liking the 95 Vogue Chambolle and some other 1995 village wines from Mugnier, Barthod and Bertheau.

    I confess that I was dissapointed by a 95 Dujac Chambolle consumed a few weeks after this Roumier and found it flat and vegetal.

    I grant that time may be gilding my memory.

  3. Rick

    Recently enjoyed Bertheau’s ’95 Amoureuses. Similarly to above, this was quite closed for about an hour, but eventually opened. Lovely and complex, plenty of grip and lots of life ahead of it.
    What are you’re thoughts on 2007 for Les Amoureuses? Have you sampled any? I’m thinking of spending all my hard earned cash on some, from say Potel, Bertheau, or Groffier?

  4. Rick

    Maybe you could just swirl more…;)
    I probably can’t muster courage enough to approach the de Vogue price-tag, but the Potel looks very enticing.
    Thanks Bill.

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