You know, a lot of 2000s have turned the corner and are becoming very tasty indeed. Occasional bottles though, have ‘out-performed the vintage generalisations’ right from the start, the Savigny in my glass is one such wine – only 3 now remain in the cellar, how stupid of me! I’ll tell you tomorrow what this beauty is!

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  1. will


    Have you tried the 2001 dominode recently?

  2. will

    Looking forward to the note.

  3. Will

    My (very informal note) on the 2001 from May (aboard a Ferry on the way back from Burgundy):

    Magnum of 2001 Pavelot Savigny Les Beaune 1er ‘Dominode’. This wine is spectacular, showing lovely red fruits a little bit of poop, smoke, caramel and some sweet spices. It constantly shifted over the course of the evening, one minute being very tight and short the next totally open and long. It was a great wine and a lovely way to finish off our trip to France.

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