has the world gone mad(?)

Am I the only person in the world that’s totally bemused by this… er… er… tawdry ‘news item’… ‘thing’…(?)
[Tell me if you can help with a more appropriate adjective…]

“All of us at Matchbet are absolutely delighted to be working with Liv-ex, whose indices are the authoritative source of information about the state of the fine wine market. We believe that Liv-ex’s users will benefit from an ability to both hedge, and speculate, on Liv-ex’s price indices. The market has just been launched, but already there are significant betting opportunities. I believe that the market will quickly develop into a major companion site to Liv-ex for all those seriously interested in the wine industry.”


5 responses to “has the world gone mad(?)”

  1. bmcq

    Are you inferring that the world hasn’t been mad for some time?

  2. bmcq

    Every shelter pales in comparison to the delusion of America moderne.

  3. Peter S

    Grave times Bill for those of us who want to drink the stuff, or even make an honest trade of it :-). I am reminded of Andrew Dickson White’s account of the period of massive inflation in France following the revolution, particularly where he describes how moral values were undermined, “the obliteration of thrift”. The most striking quote is one he takes from Louis Blanc’s ‘Histoire de la Revolution’: “Commerce was dead; betting took it’s place.”

    Oh, what lessons history could teach us…

    1. billn

      I never realised you were as well read as you are well drunk Peter! – on second thoughts that sounds bad!

      Anyway quotes that some should ponder….

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