Why Big Red Diary?

site updates…


Some changes may be obvious, others less-so. I’ve updated the database for the NoteFinder, so 2,800+ notes are now available; of which over 600 are from the 2007/2006 vintages. Performance should have improved too – it was more than a bit flaky of recent – but it turned out to be because of so many ‘concurrent users’ soaking up the available RAM – or some such. Anyway, apparently I have more rams now!

More obvious is the new design – looks not perfect in IExplorer 6, but the 12% of visitors will have to suffer for a better view for the 88%. As previously mentioned, unlike me, it is much cleverer under the skin than before. Currently it mostly works too! I shall be ironing out the odd hiccup over the next days.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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