1999 françois gay ladoix

1999 François Gay, Ladoix

1999 François Gay, Ladoix

1999 François Gay, Ladoix
A deep but young colour. The nose starts with plenty of dark oak that’s matched to equally dark cherry aromas – the more the glass drains, the aromas become redder and redder, and also prettier. Good volume in the mouth and an open red-black confiture flavour that’s also edged with subtle dark oak, still a hint of tannin and super acidity. Long and flavourful with subtle licorice root flavour. Still young and still a wine that remains one of my best buys from the vintage – lots of time ahead, but was clearly at its best about 1 hour after opening.
Rebuy – Yes

Last tasted three years ago – the tannin is now on a lower order, but it seems pretty consistent.

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  1. phil eaves


    I have had some fantastic wines from this estate, their 1er Beaune Clos des Perrieres (one of only two producers) and they have an Aligote VV which is a delight plus the Ladoix which they told me was the target of an exclusive deal by their UK agents which they declined, not surprised!


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