My ‘vintage updates’ seem to be becoming more of a ‘hail-watch’ than anything. Anyway, here’s the mid-July ‘hail-report’:

Yesterday evening there was a tremendous storm following a hot day of about 30°C. It seems from reports in so-far, that the Côte d’Or pretty-much escaped with a mere 50 millimetres of rain in about 12 hours.

Less lucky as you can see from the linked photo, was Bligny-sur-Ouche, which I think would be classified as Hautes Côtes de Beaune – if they still have some grapes!

Now those things have really got to hurt. Never-mind their grapes, do you think any of their cows survived?

3 responses to “hail-watch…”

  1. Ray Walker

    Bill, thanks for the heads up. The phrase dodging bullets comes to mind…

  2. bmcq

    Was that near Bligny-sur-Ouch?

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